Our Team

Mr Henk W. Breukink

Henk is an all-round businessman and coach who received his initial management experience during nearly 20 years in Shell. His professional background is in both Finance and Human Resources, followed by several years in general management… Read more


Miss Louise E. Nicholson

Louise is passionate about increasing self-awareness and enabling others to reach their potential. She holds a BA (Hons) in Business Studies, an MSc in International Business & Management, a Practitioner Diploma in Executive Coaching… Read more


Mrs Monika Milz

Monika worked in the financial industry for some 30 years. She worked both on the business side in corporate banking as well as in HR related areas. She now is an experienced non-executive Director and executive coach. Her expertise on governance, HR… Read more


Anna C. Smith

Anna has always been fascinated by people and their behaviour. Her degree in Psychology fuelled her interest further. In 1996, she became familiar with the theory of human motivation known as… Read more

Susan C. Moorcroft

Susan’s interest in ‘Primary Social Motives’ (PSM) began almost 20 years ago. Over the years she has helped to deliver self-development programmes & workshops in the UK and abroad. In her long career…. Read more

John van Leeuwen

John is a seasoned all-round Finance Manager who has started his career with Shell in 1977. He got to know the Oil & Gas as well as the real estate business and pension fund affairs. In 2000 he left Shell… Read more

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