Over the past number of years Development Dialogue has worked with executives from across the world over a range of industries – achieving great results that are felt both on a personal level and on a wider scale by the companies they manage and lead.

Here are just a few of them:


If I could only offer you one tip for the future, Henk Breukink would be it.  It has been one of the most valuable experiences of my professional and personal life. His intelligence, in-depth conversations and (scientific) approach brought me valuable insights. Insights which were immediately applicable without having my ‘old rust up’ inhibitions or obstacles on the back seat.

If you are looking for something challenging and something beyond your own meandering experience? You better call Henk. Be aware; no uniformity and success assured.

Danny Thakoer – Owner The Chief Architects

With enthusiasm, I recommend Henk Breukink and his team at Development Dialogue for senior leadership development. They are a league on their own. Their unique and insightful approach is not only rooted in a powerful concept of Primary Social Motives, but also reflecting Henk’s decades of senior leadership experience and wisdom. Having engaging development dialogues with Henk Breukink is a gift and privilege.

Marco van Kalleveen – CEO of DKV Mobility Group (former COO of Leaseplan Cooperation, former partner McKinsey & Company)

Working with Henk Breukink has shown to be highly relevant to me. Through his unique methodology, I now know much better what drives myself, and also other individuals, to make my professional career. On top, Henk is an infinite source of advice, connectivity, and practical learnings that help to shape my personal development.

Jeroen Douglas –  Executive Director at Solidaridad.

The insights from Development Dialogue are refreshing and at the same time surprisingly easy to recognise. Quite special how in this seemingly simple way, new insights about leadership emerged. The conversations with Henk further developed these insights and gave them a personal context : and with the experience of Henk in Boardroom settings it made these conversations extra valuable.
Hanne Buis – COO at Royal Schiphol Group.

I learned about the concept of primary social motives some ten years ago, when I had the privilege of working with Henk Breukink for the first time. To me it has been a revelation. It helped me understand why I do what I do, what the implications are of my behaviour, but also how I can grow personally and become a more effective leader using this concept. Most of all it has helped me to be who I am, be myself, when I lead. A fantastic experience, that has made my life more interesting, more fun and more rewarding. Two years back, I was orienting myself towards a new challenge in business. I wanted to do something completely different, and with the wise support of Henk and by deepening my understanding of my primary social motives profile, I was able to really find the new direction I wanted. I would recommend Development Dialogue to anyone who wants to learn and develop in business and in life!

Dick Velings – Managing Director B2B at Eneco Group NV

The last 15 years or so of my life have seen two profound career changes. In both cases Henk Breukink has been my tutor, my guide, my advisor and friend. He has shown a very professional attitude towards me by advising me on a very personal basis on what best suits me, on what would give me most energy. Sometimes contrary to my first thoughts and beliefs.
I would recommend his services to anyone interested in finding out more about him or herself.
Frits van Bruggen – CEO at MN Services (ex-Bestuursvoorzitter ANWB)

Naarmate de tijd voort schrijdt, zie ik steeds meer diepgang in de analyse -achievement,  empathy, leadership.
Ik kan nu (terugkijkend op) mijn carrière verloop beter plaatsen, en mijn hoogte- en dieptepunten een plek geven,en wellicht ook mensen die mijn pad hebben gekruist (en zullen kruizen) beter begrijpen.

Henk, bedankt voor dit zeer waardevolle inzicht!

Lily Jong – CEO van PVG Holding BV

There are people that cross your path, your life path and that change it for forever: for the good, for the better, for the greater…

I had the privilege to meet such a unique person as Henk six years ago. I still remember one of his first sentences: “if you are open for this motives journey, it could be life changing…” And it was… and it still is. Unique in its kind, refreshing, challenging, inspirational; words can hardly express the magnitude of this journey. I would recommend it to everyone who is open and willing to understand who they truly are. I dare to say: I finally do!

Ann-Françoise Versele – Global Head of Sustainability at Bekaert

I would highly recommend Development Dialogue and Henk Breukink. The program offers an innovative and powerful perspective on you as a person. Combined with the in-depth conversations it really supports you in your journey to increase awareness and make impact; both as a person as well as in your interactions.

Yoram Schwarz – CEO at Movir

It has been a pleasure to gain insight into my Primary Social Motives. The training program, offered by Development Dialogue, strengthened & fine-tuned our leadership skills, & also reinforced the cooperation with my colleagues. I can recommend this if you wish to boost your professional skills to generate growth, for yourself and your team.

Hajir Hajji – CEO at Action.

Working with Development Dialogue has deepened my self-awareness and has offered me some deceptively simple tools and insights to change deeply engrained behavioural patterns to my benefit and that of my company.

Twan van der Kerkhof – Director of The European Leadership Platform

When I was first introduced to Dr George New, Omega, I had been told that working with him could be life changing experience. One is usually sceptical about such a strong recommendation but I can say that having worked with George, Louise and more recently Henk over many years, it has proved to be the case.

From understanding my own profile in the frame of primary social motives, the importance of matching profiles with roles in business to learning to read the motive profiles of people with whom you interact both in business and personal life it has been an invaluable experience which I would highly recommend to anyone who is searching for fulfilment in their careers and personal life.

Nick Loup – Group Vice Chairman, CEO at Chelsfield Asia (former CEO Grosvenor Asia Pacific)

The method, analysis and support that Development Dialogue offers is the best I have ever seen in my career and has helped me make crucial decisions about my leadership teams. For the most important people appointments I can wholeheartedly recommend Henk Breukink to anyone who wants to learn from a very wise man.

Tex Gunning – CEO of LeasePlan Corporation (former CEO TNT Express)

Learning to understand and manage my Primary Social Motives (and those of others) has been one of the most powerful development experiences of my professional life. I can recommend this evidence-based methodology to anyone wishing to increase personal and professional effectiveness.

Pauline van der Meer Mohr – Non-Executive Director of HSBC Holdings plc

The program works on the deep side of the brain in combination with cognitive learning, which enables me to understand myself and others better. Having worked with the long-term development programme for more than 7 years, both my wife and my colleagues provided very positive feedbacks on improvements on my communication and management style. You must believe in the program and devote yourself during the process, and it will help you to open doors to new perspectives.

Yang Yu – Partner & CIO at Chelsfield Asia (former Managing Director Grosvenor Asia Pacific)

With the help of a few deceptively simple concepts I learned to understand what type of achievements are really important to me and which less. This insight has greatly helped me in deciding what path to take.

Annet Aris – Adjunct Professor at INSTEAD and Supervisory Board Member

If one is open for this, it is an enrichment and learning for life. I understand much better what motivates me, what my strengths and weaknesses are. It also enables to understand the same of others.

Ton Geurts – former SVP/CPO Bekaert NV

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