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About Development Dialogue

In today’s increasingly VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, & ambiguous) environment it is ever more important for organisations and leaders to recognise that their employees are their most valuable asset. It is this human talent pool which will create future competitive advantage.

Development Dialogue targets this inherent potential and provides the opportunity for leaders and senior executives to become truly self aware, whilst giving them the tools to understand and engage with their employees on a deeper level.

The prospect of ‘knowing oneself’ in a new and practical way can be revolutionary, for it is often our own inaccurate perceptions that can be the most detrimental. Armed with this new information, leaders and senior executives can develop a clearer sense of purpose and are better able to work to their strengths – resulting in a greater degree of organisational clarity and a more engaged & motivated workforce.


Development Dialogue’s work is based on decades of extensive, prestigious research carried out at Harvard and other notable institutions. This work is centred on a model of human motivation devised by Professors David McClelland and John Atkinson.

The need to accurately understand and predict human behaviour is of paramount importance to all businesses and is ultimately the predictor of success or failure. The majority of current assessment tools are based on people’s perceptions of themselves (as opposed to their true behaviour). The unique nature of our work is that it allows us to tap into a person’s actual temperament and therefore gives a far more accurate and useful predictor of their behaviour. It’s an approach based on the rigid parameters of behavioural science and, therefore, is not subject to individual opinions and feelings.

It was at Harvard that the late Dr George E New began working with McClelland and some of his senior research team members. He later founded Omega Consultants where he applied these motivational concepts for more than half a century.

Development Dialogue, through its founder Henk W Breukink & consultant Louise E Nicholson, has in-depth industry knowledge and coaching expertise and has worked alongside Omega Consultants for a considerable number of years, taking over operations in 2014.

‘Developing people through in-depth dialogue’

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