Motive Inventory

The Motive Inventory assesses both the limbic and the cognitive parts of the brain in order to give as complete a picture as possible of the individuals’ temperament, their perceptions, and their styles. The areas of assessment are:

1) Motive Disposition Activity (MDA)

Assesses the individuals’ motivational drives in terms of the three Primary Social Motives, the relative strengths of which predict behaviour. This is carried out by means of a TAT (Thematic Apperception Test) – which is a projective test of personality.

2) Motive Disposition of the Job

Assesses the individuals’ perception of his/her current jobs in terms of the three Primary Social Motives. In combination with the above, this illustrates the comparative ‘fit’ between the person and the job and allows insight into job satisfaction / dissatisfaction.

3) Self Perception of Motives

Assesses the individuals’ perception of his/her Primary Social Motive profile in comparison to reality.

4) Communication Style Questionnaire

From a repertoire of six ‘styles’, assesses how the individual prefers to talk and interact with others. The effective use of these styles will arouse the appropriate Motive in the recipient.

5) Managerial Style Questionnaire

Assesses the managerial ‘climate’ the individual believes should be created within an organisation.

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