What Clients Say

Ton GeurtsSVP/CPO Bekaert NV (Former CPO AkzoNobel)

If one is open for this, it is an enrichment and learning for life. I understand much better what motivates me, what my strengths and weaknesses are. It also enables to understand the same of others.

Annet ArisAdjunct Professor at INSTEAD and Supervisory Board Member

With the help of a few deceptively simple concepts I learned to understand what type of achievements are really important to me and which less. This insight has greatly helped me in deciding what path to take.

Yang YuManaging Director (Greater China Investment) - Grosvenor Asia Pacific

The program works on the deep side of the brain in combination with cognitive learning, which enables me to understand myself and others better.  Having worked with the long-term development programme for more than 7 years, both my wife and my colleagues provided very positive feedbacks on improvements on my communication and management style.  You must believe in the program and devote yourself during the process, and it will help you to open doors to new perspectives

Pauline van der Meer MohrNon-Executive Director of HSBC Holdings plc

Learning to understand and manage my Primary Social Motives (and those of others) has been one of the most powerful  development experiences of my professional life. I can recommend this evidence-based methodology to anyone wishing to increase personal and professional effectiveness.

Tex GunningCEO TNT Express (former Member of the Board AkzoNobel)

The method, analysis and support that Development Dialogue offers is the best I have ever seen in my career and has helped me make crucial decisions about my leadership teams. For the most important people appointments I can wholeheartedly recommend Henk Breukink to anyone who wants to learn from a very wise man.

Nick LoupCEO Dymon Asia Real Estate (Former CEO Grosvenor Asia Pacific)

When I was first introduced to Dr George New, Omega, I had been told that working with him could be life changing experience. One is usually sceptical about such a strong recommendation but I can say that having worked with George, Louise and more recently Henk over many years, it has proved to be the case.

From understanding my own profile in the frame of primary social motives, the importance of matching profiles with roles in business to learning to read the motive profiles of people with whom you interact both in business and personal life it has been an invaluable experience which I would highly recommend to anyone who is searching for fulfilment in their careers and personal life.

Twan van der KerkhofDirector of The European Leadership Platform

Working with Development Dialogue has deepened my self-awareness and has offered me some deceptively simple tools and insights to change deeply engrained behavioural patterns to my benefit and that of my company.