Motive Inventory Details

The ‘Development Dialogue’ Motive Inventory offers a combination of tools (self-perception and actual temperament) to create an overall picture of an individual in terms of their inner drives and management styles.


Using these tools, we can predict people’s behaviour in a variety of different situations and their interaction with others. It allows people to understand their underlying needs, drives and ‘why they do what they do’. It helps them to understand why they are successful in certain situations and not in others and to identify why some relationships, roles and organisational cultures seem to engage them and others do not.

Based on this understanding, they learn how to put themselves into situations that better ‘match’ their temperament. When this happens, they bring all their skills and capability to their work, and not only become more effective in terms of their own performance but also more inspiring to those around them.

What else?

From the perspective of creating and developing teams, the tools provide essential information about the dynamics and building blocks of a team i.e. how the building blocks connect to provide a cohesive, highly functioning entity.

It can identify the leaders of a team (actual temperament as opposed to leadership style); people whose strength is building relationships and coordinating different aspects of the business; and people whose strength is new business, innovation, and rapid turnaround.

In the current economic climate it is more important than ever to ‘get it right’. Changes within business are happening faster than ever and corporations must have the agility to provide the right team combination at the right point in time.