“To conquer oneself is a greater task than conquering others” – Gautama Buddha

Development Dialogue seeks to both understand and facilitate the learning and development of people.  This is achieved by providing critical information about individuals underlying needs and drives (their Primary Social Motives). Put simply – how and why we do things.  This approach, coupled with our executive coaching skills, can really make this relevant and help to engage leaders, senior managers and teams operating in today’s increasingly  VUCA business environment.

Primary Social Motives

The applications of this model for the business environment are far reaching. We have worked alongside clients to help tackle some of their biggest hurdles, and to give them the tools to make effective decisions when it counts.

Development Dialogue delivers an objective and authentic assessment designed to unlock human potential and ultimately drive sustained, organisational improvement in a range of different areas:

Personal Development & Coaching Programmes

Our development and coaching programmes support individuals to deepen their self-awareness, understand their impact on others and organisational performance and to build new competencies.

Recruitment & Selection

Our inventory provides essential information on individuals’ temperament and motivation. We look at job specifications through a different lens and can help you identify the right candidate for the right opportunity.

Succession Planning

By understanding what truly drives people, we look beyond what they are doing in their current role to see whether they have the potential to develop.

Team Building

We can help to identify any potential stumbling blocks when it comes to effective teamwork, and to ensure the right team combination is in place. Looking at the underlying dynamics between group members, we can help to build a collaborative and highly functioning team.