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Coaching is part of life. Politicians, entrepreneurs, senior executives and top managers these days hire coaches or have them offered in consultation with their employer.   Henk Breukink, for a […]

“A Board Member should not think he knows everything” All of Europe looks at ING, Supervisory Board Member Henk Breukink knows. No wonder: the major bank is exploring new business […]

Presented on the 2nd February, 2016 at De Nieuwe Poort in Rotterdam, where key figures are given the opportunity to provide philosophical considerations on issues such as competition, leadership, connection […]

Interview with Henk Breukink. Published in the Dutch national newspaper De Volkskrant on the 19th December, 2015. “the business elite remains very silent and when someone finally speaks out, it is […]

Interview with Henk Breukink.  Published in the Dutch national newspaper NRC Handelsblad on the 26th September, 2015. “External supervision should have its restrictions. The current mandate of many supervisory bodies […]