Step 1: The Motive Inventory

The Motive Inventory can be completed online, taking approximately 2 hours +/- 30 minutes. This must be completed under strict conditions to provide the required unbiased responses. Read more here about The Motive Inventory.

Step 2: Feedback session

During this session the client has the opportunity to understand what it is we have measured and why. This is delivered in person via a video presentation. A feedback booklet is also provided which goes into greater detail about the subject matter and includes the individual results in chart format.

Step 3: Validation and Interpretation session

This session is again provided one-to-one, and should take place around 2-6 weeks after the Feedback session. Here the client has the opportunity and time to reflect upon their results. They are encouraged to ask questions to improve their understanding and application. A written report is given at this point, which goes into more detail about the specific characteristics of the individual client.


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